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Writing for the paper

Not only is writing for Freedom an excellent opportunity to get your ideas, thoughts and opinions into print and out into the real world, it also offers a chance to develop and refine your writing skills, report on the activities you are involved in, or promote the group you are a member of. We accept any original articles as long as they are politically relevant and informative, interesting or entertaining.

Send article submissions, queries or questions about the paper to
Postal address:
Freedom newspaper
Angel Alley
84b Whitechapel High Street
London E1 7QX

Because of space limitation we have a regulated word count for articles. Below are the current categories for submitting articles to the paper. We welcome all contributions.


450 words or 250 words [small article]
Anything that would be of interest happening in the world right now. Current political and social affairs from a radical perspective, examples of grassroots effective action, workplace and community issues, political activism, news about the activities of anarchist and radical groups. Includes international news.
» Education backlash
» Deaths in detention centres
» Fracking ’ell


800 words
Extended and more indepth news articles, covering current events and social/political situations. Can be specialised but still needs to be accessible to the general reader.
» Occupation of Wall Street
» Norway massacre – an anarchist perspective
» In defence of trade unionism


2500 words or 1500 words
Long extended articles that cover all the various Freedom categories including interviews, theoretical pieces, political analysis or history.
» Anarchism in the Philippines
» Kropotkin and radical environmentalism
» Interview with education activist


800 words
Articles that relate to anarchist history, important political events in the past, or defining moments in recent history.
» Genoa G8 – ten years on
» 1926 General Strike
» Murray Bookchin in London


800 words
Politically defined ideas based on the wealth of intellectual knowledge anarchism and radicalism historically contain.


450 words
Personal reflections, opinions, or responses to current state of affairs, or things going on within radical circles

Getting Active

450 words, 250 words or 100 words [small article]
A place to promote, advertise or report back on your political activity, your groups’ actions, publications or events


800 words or 250 words [small article]
Cultural and lifestyle section. Book, film, music and tv reviews. Reports, analysis or simply feedback about current aspects of the culture industry.
» Films: Never Let Me Go and Biutiful
» Books: The World That Never Was, Alex Butterworth
» Televison: The Promise (Channel 4)


500 words or 250 words [small article]
Mainstream sport from a radical perspective, grassroots activity or radicals involved in sport.
» It’s kicking off
» Punk football
» Kicking against the rich: Real world cup tournament


If you are a radical artist, involved in an art project, or just looking for somewhere to exhibit your work contact the art editor via email address to talk about running a feature of your work.


Writing articles for the website

The news section of the website is updated daily. We welcome anybody contributing original articles to the site especially time relevant ones. Word length is not an issue for website articles although we ask for 250 words minimum. Email articles for the website to:

Freedom newspaper:

Contact details:

Freedom Press
84b Whitechapel High Street
London E1 7QX

Tel/fax: 020 7247 9249

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