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Storm Warnings from the Right

Given what happened in Liverpool on saturday we are reproducing below an article published in Freedom last March. [A full report on the events in Liverpool can be read here]: Fascists score a win on the streets of Liverpool:

Finding the Anarchy

Throughout my childhood there were always people watching, shop staff, teachers, parents, police , priests all watching and waiting to come down on you. Then I saw my head teacher was dragged out of school in handcuffs, she’d been stealing school funds to goon sexy weekends away with the local priest… I was shocked, Authority [...]

Angel Alley

Freedom bookshop is proud to be a part of the new initiative Alliance for Radical Booksellers (ARB) instigated by Housmans. Up until the mid 1980s there were scores of radical bookshops in Britain – every major town had one. Many of these booksellers worked together under the mutual banner of the ‘Federation of Radical Booksellers’. [...]

A Sideways Look

The ongoing attempt to privatise the National Health Service, or whatever euphemism is being used for the wasteful “internal market” this week, is merely the latest installment in an ongoing programme that began in the 1970s. Capitalism was suffering one of its periodic crises and responded to it by doing the only thing it can [...]

I wish we could’ve been there

It was during the AF’s meeting at the Bristol bookfair on the role of anarchists in the anti-cuts movement, as they listed the features of recent anarchist activity, that a comrade lent over and whispered ‘there isn’t a better time to be an anarchist’. A throwaway remark that may come to have some significance. If [...]

Storm warnings from the Right

In this time of deepening economic recession, where people are openly questioning the role of government and capital, we are provided with a rare opportunity to engage the population with ideas that challenge the status quo and offer new forms of social organisation. To that end we feel confident that our ideas are finding new [...]

Against the cuts, against the state

The red and black flags flying at the big anti-cuts demo on March 26th have prompted that question again. Why are anarchists – who are against the state – taking to the streets against cuts in public spending and state provision? I’ve been hearing this from potentially sympathetic folk, so it’s a question worth answering [...]

A Sideways Look

In the immediate aftermath of the riot in Stokes Croft, Bristol, it was said that it was sparked by the eviction of a squat involved in opposing the opening of a Tesco Express store. Thanks to information put out by almost all parties involved, we now know that it was provoked, as is so often [...]

Angel Alley

Our next exciting shop event will be Iain Mckay giving a talk on the Proudhon Anthology he has edited “Property is Theft”. This is a must have for all anarchists and we are having a special offer of £5 off  up to and including the talk on Saturday 21st (2pm). If you can’t make the [...]

A mayday for May Day?

So the expected plans of the ConDem Coalition to get rid of the May Day bank holiday have been announced, albeit with the myth of consultation. At least the bastards are being honest; they are doing it purely to boost tourism, business, and profits. Into the mix they introduce an unhealthy dose of nationalism with [...]