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Well, one of the big prison stories in recent months has been the Incentives and Earned Privileges (IEP) “book ban”, that has so outraged the British middle classes and the country’s intelligentsia that it has brought them out on the streets to protest… to read poems outside Pentonville nick. We’ve had the likes of Mark [...]

Anarchist Federation Public Meeting on St Imier

Saturday May 19th 3pm at Lucas Arms, Gray’s Inn Road, London , Nearest tube King’s Cross. On the 140th Anniversary of the Founding of the Anti-Authoritarian International in St Imier Switzerland This year marks the 140th anniversary of the founding of the Anti-Authoritarian International . Following moves by Marx and his followers to expell two [...]

Claimants Fightback

The recent occupation of Oxford Street in central London by a group of disabled, sick and elderly people, disability campaigners and anti-workfare activists was the latest protest against the introduction of the Welfare Reform bill currently passing through Parliament. The legislation seeks to impose benefits caps, mass health and disability testing programmes, workfare and the [...]

Secret police in the dock

An important high court case is currently being decided upon that will, whatever the outcome, have a massive impact on radicals and anarchists, especially those who play an active role in putting their politics into practice.

John Brailey obituary

Stoke Newington, 2 April 1934-Lewisham Hospital, 21 March 2012 – printer, bookseller, anti-war activist and life-long anarcho-syndicalist John Brailey, SOGAT rank-and-file militant (with fellow anarchist Albert Meltzer) and anti-war activist, worked for many years as a printer in Fleet Street until the mid-1980s when the newspaper print industry moved to Wapping, after which he became [...]

Watching the police

FITwatch public meeting • Report back from police tactics at the NHS demonstration FITwatch: The Open Public Meeting Sunday 25th March • 1pm London Action Resource Centre (LARC) 62 Fieldgate Street Whitechapel London E1 1ES MAP

The cost of criminalising squatting

//UPDATE from the House of Lords Debate// SQUASH, Squatters Action for Secure Homes, has produced a damning report into the true cost of criminalising squatting. The campaign group has collected and analysed information regarding the current housing crisis, empty properties and squatting in order to assess the financial implications of criminalising squatting in England and [...]

Solidarity demo for Jock Palfreeman

March 15th saw a solidarity demonstration outside the Bulgarian Embassy, London in support of Jock Palfreeman, the anti-fascist who is serving a 20 year sentence for defending himself and others from a neo-Nazi attack in Sofia.

European Courts of Human Rights: Kettling is legal

The European Courts of Human Rights has ruled today that the UK police tactic of kettling protesters is lawful and does not infringe upon article 5 of Convention on Human Rights – the right to liberty and security. The judgment was based on a case brought before the courts by protesters who were kettled in [...]

Young, jobless and hopeless

Youth unemployment hits the million mark The recently published official unemployment figures reveal a bleak snapshot of what it means to be young, poor and working class in Britain today. The number of people out of work has risen yet again marking it out at a record 17 year high, with a sharp increase of [...]