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 Gyorgy Furiosa visits Hampstead’s infamous Bishops Avenue… Nestled between two golf courses in the Hampstead area of North London lies a row of colonnaded mansion houses, each looming from behind stern borders of black iron fencing. Lush vegetation, old trees and rhododendron bushes, subtly screen the opulence from full view of the street. Estate agents [...]

Doors closed on The People’s Cafe

Another setback for the people of Edinburgh as occupied social centre is closed. So what went wrong? The proposed centre for ‘non-commercial activity’ re-opened its doors to the public on the 30th November last year with a programme of participatory events that involved other non-profit organizations, local residents, activists and members of the Bilston Glen [...]

International Women’s Day: Why we celebrate on March 8th

There are a few ways in which International Women’s Day can be approached. It can be ignored. This is what mostly happens in the mainstream media. Unlike Valentines Day and Mothers Day, cards aren’t given and presents aren’t bought. With no profit to be made out of it, the day is not exactly one that [...]

A young anarchist writes…

I don’t know when I first came across anarchism to be honest. Many sources spring to mind; the lyrics of Immortal Technique, the Zeitgeist films and my results on the political compass test which made me Google ‘anarcho syndicalism’. I also remember writing ‘fuck the system’ on my hand and wearing a Che Guevara (Stalinist [...]

North London Solfed’s response to the London riots

With media sources blaming “anarchy” for the unfolding violence in London and across England, the North London Solidarity Federation felt a response from an anarchist organisation active in the capital would be appropriate.

125 years is a long time in politics

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed this year is the 125th anniversary of Freedom Press. Founded the same year as the Haymarket tragedy, we remain as committed to the expression and dissemination of anarchist ideas as when the paper was originally published in October 1886.  The first issue came out under the banner [...]

Bob Miller, RIP

The UK anarchist movement has lost one of its most respected and committed political activists. Bob, who was a member of Manchester Anarchist Federation and a teacher, passed away on 17th June having spent a lifetime immersed in radical politics. We wish his family our sincerest condolences and recognise they have lost a great man, [...]

Corruption Squad under fire

The Metropolitan police’s much vaunted anti-corruption drive, which has been under way for six years, is now itself the subject of three inquiries because of allegations over the way it operates, an investigation by the Guardian has revealed. The inquiries into the complaints investigation branch (CIB), two of them internal and one by an outside [...]

‘Untouchables’of the Met drop corrupt supergrass

The Metropolitan police’s secretive anti-corruption squad has dropped one of its top supergrasses after two years. The surprise move means the supergrass, the convicted former Met detective, Terry McGuinness, will now be sentenced for his own corrupt activities spanning six years. The decision last week that Mr McGuinness is no longer considered a reliable witness [...]

‘Clean-up’ police branded corrupt

MPs demand inquiry into the Met’s ‘Untouchables’, accused of using the same illegal police tactics they are sworn to fight Senior police officers who worked in Scotland Yard’s Anti-Corruption Squad on a series of high-profile cases are themselves under investigation after allegations that they manipulated evidence to secure convictions against fellow officers. The revelation came [...]