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Easter Opening Hours

Same as normal innit- what do you think we are, some bunch of god-botherers?

Upcoming Events

More events are in the pipeline. In May Sheila Cohen will be talking about her new book -details to follow. Also Iain Mckay will be introducing his Kropotkin Anthology as soon as copies arrive-watch this space

New Titles on the Web Shop

We are in the process of putting up new titles on the site. Starting with Situationist classics Society of the Spectacle & The Revolution of everyday life.


The shop has been blessed with a set of photographs from the last two March For England demonstrations in Brighton and the local community’s response. Taken by Guy Smallman, they can be bought for a mere £5 each – with all proceeds going to his next trip to Afghanistan.


May 7th sees the completion of the floor repairs downstairs meaning we can start reassembling the shop layout. thanks to those responsible and everyone else has helped with stuff. Windows and lighting are next but one scheduled we should be able to announce a date for reopening party in the near future.

New titles flood in

Thanks loads to everyone who’s donated books in the aftermath of the firebomb attack. We’ve had contributions from AK Press, Five Leaves, Zed Books, Verso and countless individuals. Come and check out the new stock. Meantime we are pleased to announce fire damaged memorabilia will be available from Housmans and 56a Infoshop from next week.

Freedom subscriptions and mail orders

Most online orders have now been sent out but there are a few where we haven’t got the titles or t-shirts to hand. The latest issue of Freedom is being posted out this week, and special apologies to international subscribers who won’t have got the last issue as it was incinerated before it could be posted.


Following Friday’s firebomb attack we’ve had an amazing response from people. So much so that we will be able to open the shop on Monday for business… not quite as normal but reasonably close. Our stock is somewhat reduced, but now features some interesting fire damaged memorabilia.

Book of The Week

THE BAD DAYS WILL END One of the best of the late Larry Law’s  ”make the situationist international’s heap of pretentious bollox make sense to normal folk” – yours for only 90p, but a tenner to art loving hippies!

Donating to prisoner support just got easier…

We now have a collection tin in Freedom Bookshop in order to raise funds for the mighty London Anarchist Black Cross. London ABC are a prisoner support group that spend most of their money on postage, as well as sending postal orders to needy prisoners. With courts cracking down on protestors, this need is never [...]