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Kevin Watkinson argues that the halal debate is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how and why we kill animals for food…  A few weeks ago the Danish government banned religious slaughter, justifying such an action by stating “animal rights comes before religion”, which is probably the only thing animal rights [...]


Media hypocrisy in the Snowden case We’ve all become accustomed to hearing about Edward Snowden and the NSA scandal. In fact, it’s almost become a daily ritual: checking major news outlets and discovering new revelations which never seem to fail in shocking us with the extent and invasiveness of what’s been called the ‘national security [...]

Do the drugs work?

Take the drugs but don’t let them take you for a fool – a look at the global drugs industry by Marie Jean in this article first published in Freedom, 1st May 2004 Hypocrisy is rife around the issue of drugs. The basic law of supply and demand is deemed okay when it comes to arms [...]

London 2012: Hypocrisy and Farce

How the Olympics business does green politics January this year, Meredith Alexander, a member of the Commission for a Sustainable London (CSL) affiliated with the Olympics, resigned her position citing the Commission’s refusal to oppose Dow Chemical Company. Dow, of the Bhopal gas disaster fame, is one of the ‘stakeholders’ (sponsors) of the Games, and [...]

When houses stop being homes

From 1 January 2012, a million tenants renting in the private sector reliant on welfare support have been hit by the Coalition’s cuts to Housing Benefit, placing many at risk of eviction, displacement and homelessness. Stuart Hodkinson from Leeds University sets out the policy changes.

Desperate Measures to save the EU

European political elites met in Brussels, Belgium on December 8th to draft measures to secure the failing Euro and its single market, where the financial crisis is getting worse. The result is a treaty for a new ‘fiscal compact’, which is a tightening of financial rules and regulations between all the 27 countries forming the [...]

A year of living dangerously

A round up of Freedom in 2011 It is perhaps an appropriate time to take a breath and consider the last twelve months, and reflect upon Freedom’s contribution to the discourse. If, as is so often stated, history only emerges in retrospect, we’d like to think Freedom was there when that history was being made.

Whither anarchism? – the current state of UK anarchism

“Revolution must be cultivated by means of systematic propaganda, step-by-step measures, careful planning, and rationally formulated programs that are flexible enough to meet changing social needs: in short, it must be cultivated by a responsible, dedicated, and accountable movement that is serious and organized along libertarian lines”. Murray Bookchin

Cracking the whip – case against the ‘Atos Two’

Two Nottingham residents, a wheelchair user and a retired paediatric nurse, dubbed the ‘Atos Two’, have been charged with aggravated trespass following a protest at the local offices of Atos ‘Healthcare’. They will stand trial at Nottingham Magistrates Court on February 27th and 28th.

Dire Lessons From the Eurozone

Tracing the politics of the crisis I remember my Political Economy lectures at university when the European Union was held up as a successful model of a political and economic ‘superstate’ which other continents in the world could follow. I remember shuddering at the very idea of such mega-scale integration and central control, only one [...]