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Green and Black Cross gathering

The legal defence support group Green and Black Cross is busy preparing its first its first national network gathering. The group, made up largely of anarchists and old climate camp activists, came to prominence during the student protests last November when they set up a network of support for those arrested for occupying the Millbank Tory HQ building. They have since become active in legal support for all those involved and affected by the unrest surrounding student protests and the anti-cuts initiatives. They have close working links with Legal Defence Monitoring Group, the anarchist organisation involved in providing legal observers to monitor police misconduct on demonstrations.

Currently Green & Black Cross has three active sections – Legal Support which includes defendants support, Street Medics and Action Kitchens and are always looking for people to get involved and help out and the conference would be the ideal place to meet them and find out more.

GBC Network Gathering, June 18th 20011. 11am-6pm, SOAS, London.
Check their website for more information



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